Mr. Yousuff Mohamed

Like any other patient i had a lot of questions and doubts regarding Lasik procedure. All i wanted was to get rid of my glasses in a safe and permanent way , 1 visit to Chennai Lasik Laser Foundation , all my questions were answered by Dr.Nishanth and the procedure explained in detail by him . What makes it special and unique is the location in Adyar with warm welcoming staff . The procedure was completed in the most efficient way and i am extremely happy with the outcome, now i can see the the beauty of nature without any glasses or contact lens. Thanks to Dr.Nishanth and CLLF team .

Mr. Yousuff Mohamed . Managing Director New Look Tailors

Mr.Om Prakash

I am a busy professional ,who also leads an active outdoor lifestyle . I always felt awkward in glasses and found every chance to remove it , unfortunately i could not see well without them, as i was completely depended on it. My friend suggested Chennai Lasik Laser Foundation where they had latest in technology- Bladeless, Touchless LASIK and Femto LASIK . I was very impressed with Dr. Nishanth , his team and the comfort i was given . I was able to schedule the appointment at my favourable time , the procedure was quick ( was out in 20 min) and absolutely painless and got back to work in 2 days. I have already recommended it to many of my friends in IT and business field as the procedure is truly worth it . I happily threw away my glasses

Mr.Om Prakash . Director Guru Gas agencies

Ms. Vishnupriya.B

I’m Vishnu Priya… I had visual problem in distance since my childhood. I was never happy to wear glasses, and I was wearing contact lens for many years. I had consulted Dr. Chalini Madhivanan, M.N Eye hospital, 2 years back to get a solution for get rid of my vision problem. She has suggested me the LASIK Surgery. I was neglecting the surgery first, but after the doctors clear counseling and explanation, I was accepted to go ahead with the surgery. The surgery was done by Dr. Nishanth Madhivanan with fast and pleasant manner. The surgery was taken 10 minutes only. I didn’t get pain and discomfort after the surgery. I was very afraid when I was on the surgical bed. But Dr. M.Nishanth was handled me very politely and explained the surgical procedures step by step. As he told the surgery was also finished soon. Then the OT staffs have explained me the post operative care clearly. From the next day of my surgery my vision was so good, and I was very happy to live my life without spectacles. Really I’m so much thankful to Dr. Chalini Madhivanan, Dr. M.Nishanth and their team. The care and the treatment, which was given by the M.N eye hospital team from the day 1 was very good. Surely I will recommend my friends and colleagues here for experiencing the family care in eye hospital.

Ms. Vishnupriya.B . Lasik patient

Mr. Prithvi Nandakumar

I've worn spectacles from 2002 and it's not possible for me to manage without spectacles. I decided to undergo the Lasik procedure in June 2018. The first thing that really surprised me is the time of the surgery, probably 15 minutes. After half a day of rest i was able to get back to my regular routine with minimal precautions. I can see much clearer now. Thank you Dr. Chalini Madhivanan, Dr. Nishanth Madhivanan, M. N. Eye Hospital & Chennai Lasik Laser Centre. For anyone else who is planning on a lasik Surgery, this is the place to go.

Mr. Prithvi Nandakumar . Lasik patient

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